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Foam products

For physical development in gymnastics training.

Is there anything better than the gym lesson, where you play “keep off the ground” – where all the foam items are pulled out and create an obstacle course that you can jump into?

Most people can get the picture and PRESENCO can deliver almost everything in jump mats, jump tracks and specially sewn foam items to connect with velcro tape or foam products to pack in dangerous pillars or areas in the hall or gym.

All of our foam products are covered with nylon canvas that repels sweat and dirt. The fill is of shaped polyester foam with a long life.

PRESENCO has a standard range of covered foam items, including jump mats, vaulting horses, sloping wedges, foam rolls, ball baths, judo mats, balancing swings, rolled mattresses, motor coordination mats, lightweight mats and toys. We manufacture everything ourselves and have done so for a generation, so we see ourselves as specialists in this area. We can make almost everything as long as we get your drawings and colour requirements.

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