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Bouncy cushions – buried

For campsites, housing associations or holiday homes.

Bouncy cushions that can be buried have been included in PRESENCO’s range for many years as a do-it-yourself solution. But it is first in recent years that sales have really taken off.

Bouncy cushions that can be buried have received some criticism over the years and are not without risks as they have very steep sides. It is often overlooked that it is the number of children on the bouncy cushion that is dangerous rather than the cushion itself.

All the same they are an essential part of most holiday homes and campsites. Our advice is to never let your child jump without supervision and that children are told off if they do not take care.

If you just tell us the jump surface you require as well as the colour of the canvas, we will send you a competitive price. If you are unsure about how to bury the cushion, we have photographed the installation process and can supply an example of how others have buried their bouncy cushions.

Installation is easy. If you have a digger and shovel, we will supply installation guidelines, canvas and a blower. This is by far the cheapest solution. If you wish to have it installed we can also help you find a helping hand.

Please contact our sales department for further information

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