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Bouncy cushions – moveable

A floatable bouncy cushion from PRESENCO has been developed with a view with respect to mobility and durability. Strong D rings are welded onto the inside of the tarpaulin, which is also fastened by strong leather straps. A strong 8 mm rope connects the top and bottom through these D rings.

The fact that the bouncy cushion is mobile makes it more manageable for smaller organizations as they can thus attract more sponsors and also share it with other organizations.

A bouncy cushion from PRESENCO is manufactured according to the same principles as our bouncy cushions and stands out from other bouncy cushions on the market by having a lifespan of over 20 years if cleaned and services as necessary. This is due to the extremely high quality and strength of the material used and the technical design of the bouncy cushion.

They are produced in many different sizes depending on the purpose and requests of the customer. All corners can be fitted with anchoring for outdoor use. It is filled and emptied with air in a few minutes. The blower is connected to a 230V mains power source and uses little electricity. A 16 amp fuse is required.

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