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Cross football

For better use of the sports hall.

“Cross football” has been developed together with DBU and SBU.

The band system makes it easy to divide the sports hall crosswise. Crossbands are supplied in approximately 20 metre long air tubes (or “sausages” as we call them) with a diameter of around 47 cm. The air tube is adapted to the width of the pitch using the flexible tarpaulin pieces that are mounted using velcro. These are placed around a pole on each side of the pitch and attached to the air tube.

There are many benefits such as:

  • Better use of the hall
  • The pitch is easy to keep track of activities
  • Everyone is allowed to touch the ball
  • Hurtig afvikling af stævner
  • More players at the same time
  • Less waiting time for all
  • Easy to store
  • Greater intensity

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