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The DG Ieech

A toy for football and play developed together with DGI

The DG leech is a long blue tube filled with air. Using straps, it can be formed into a small, edged pitch that can be round, triangular or just square. There is huge potential for high intensity play.

The DG leech can be shaped into an air cushion (with straps), a ball game pitch, a climbing frame, a log raft – yes, it’s only limited to your imagination. Put simply – it allows playful children and adults the opportunity to develop!

The DG leech is typically supplied in 4, 18 or 36 metres including a set of straps, but can also be made in the length you require. The straps shown in the picture can be used for fixing so that the DG leech can be used as a limited area and thus function as a ball-game pitch.

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