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Football pitches

For all football enthusiasts.

 An inflatable football pitch is a transportable event. You can use it for beach football on the beach, for park football in the park or in the car park for street football. Could it be any easier? Or more fun?

 The inflatable football pitch has been developed together with DBU. The pitch is 1 m3 when packed. From this package you get a complete pitch as shown in the picture. All you need are the players, the ball and 230V to connect a constant blower.

 We can produce the pitch in exactly the colour and to the measurements, you require, but there are 3 most common models:

  • The DBU model which is 29×14 metres (constant blower)
  • The KBU model which is 20×10 metres (constant blower)
  • The MINI model which is 12×6 metres (airtight model)

 The football pitch is a fantastic advertising space for local or national sponsors.

Please contact our sales department for further information

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