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Flat and shaped tarpaulins

PRESENCO has sold old-fashioned customized shaped tarpaulins since 1922. The actual production method has of course become highly modernized since then, and in our mass production, we use the newest technology within expansion programs and automatic cutting and marking machinery.

After design and manufacture a tarpaulin can be used as a membrane to stop run-off, protect vertical surfaces against noise, light, dirt, cold, it can cover horizontal surfaces, cover uneven surfaces, enclose cases as well as be used as a container for air and gas.

You decide the colour and quality, but we can choose it for you if you are only concerned about its practical use. This applies to shaped tarpaulin and flat tarpaulins as well as the need for cutouts, channels, ground cables, wiring, plastic windows, hooks, folds, rings etc.

All we require from you is a sketch drawn by hand as well as the purpose to which the final product is to be put. Then we match your drawing with our experience regarding durability and technical limitations. There are many colours and qualities available and we will be happy to send you canvas samples if you have specific requirements with regard to strength, colour or technical properties.

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