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For flexible storage, exhibitions, markets, parties, go-carting or events.

Alu-line distinguishes itself by being a large tent with a relatively low handling weight. This is due to the fact that the frame is made of aluminum and that the roof and side canvas is made up of 3 metre modules.

The basic module contains one frame, two single-colour sides, 2 single-colour gables and a white roof – all in fire retardant canvas. Furthermore two 1.5 metre wide zipper doors are included that you can position where you choose. The roof canvas consists of 3 metre sections, held in place in the aluminum profile by two masts. The sides similarly consist of 3 meter sections and are zipped together.

You choose the colour, but in addition, we can also supply the tent with your logo or name – or for example in striped canvas, with windows or with protrusions and flooring in contrasting colours. The guy ropes are fastened to the frame by hooks and tightened using 4 ton winders. In addition, 60 cm pegs are provided for each foot.

The frame is made of strong anodized aluminum sections. The tent has a side height of 2.20 metres, a ridge height of 4 metres and a roof angle of 22 degrees. All of our Alu-line tents are produced in high quality and made in standard sizes with gable widths of 9 and 6 metres, all of which can be expanded using 3-metre long expansion modules if required.

If you need smaller tents, we have a large selection in our range of Steel-line tents. We look forward to receiving your enquiry and are of course available if you need further information. We recommend that you order your tent well before you need it as delivery time is 4-5 working weeks.

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