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For flexible storage, exhibitions, markets, parties, go-carting or events.

 Steel-line tents have been renowned for their durability and easy assembly for more than 30 years. The durability is not only due to the strong tent canvas but also due to the frame being made of electrically galvanized precision steel tubing. The frame is extremely easy to assemble as the tubes and connectors just need to be pushed together. Tools are not therefore required. All tents can easily be assembled by 2 persons.

 The standard tent contains one frame, two single-colour sides, 2 single-colour gables and a white roof – all in fire retardant canvas. Furthermore, two 1 metre wide zipper doors are included that you can position where you choose. The corners of the tent are joined with a zip, but can also be supplied with cord closures.

 You choose the colour, but in addition, we can also supply the tent with your logo or name – or for example in striped canvas, with windows or with protrusions and flooring in contrasting colours. Tent bags, pegs and guy ropes are supplied with all models.

 The frame consists of modules that are 2 metres long. The roof canvas is the heaviest, weighing some 600 grams per m2. The tent can easily be transported in a trailer. All of our Steel-line tents are produced in high quality and made in standard sizes with gable widths of 3, 5 and 6 metres.

 The tent can be supplied with a side height of 200 and 210 cm and with a ridge height of 265 and 335 cm respectively. The high model is known as the C92, while the low version is called the B88. The low model slopes slightly inward at the top.

 See also our price list for Alu-line tents if you plan to use a larger tent. We look forward to receiving your enquiry and are of course available if you need further information. We recommend that you order your tent well before you need it, as delivery time is 4-5 working weeks.

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