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Special tents

For branding, marketing or events.

In addition to our standard range of tents, PRESENCO also offers special tents based on your drawings and sketches.

Over the years, we have undertaken many special tasks for customers both large and small.

Here are some examples:

  • Terrace blinds and “outdoor living rooms”
  • Viking tents and tents for zoos
  • Stage and exhibition tents
  • Bus and camper van tents
  • Roofing for outdoor restaurants

A characteristic for all our tents is that we do not compromise on quality in design and material selection.

In addition to the actual production time for the frame, some time should be set aside for dialogue related to the appearance of the tent, exchange of ideas, logo files etc.

To the right and below you can see a number of examples of the special tents we have produced over the years.

All we require is your sketch; we will then try to match this with our standard constructions before venturing into special construction.

Please contact our sales department for further information

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