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Storage tents

High quality storage tents at competitive prices.

 PRESENCO sells storage tents from different manufacturers.

 We carefully choose a business partner that can supply a complete solution to match our requirements for quality, strength, appearance and price.

As a manufacturer of almost all tarpaulin products PRESENCO can repair and service tents as required.

 Most tents are constructed with a 15 degree roof angle, aluminum profiles and fire retardant PVC canvas for the roof and sides that meets DIN 4102 B1, M2.

The tents meet DIN standards with regard to wind resistance and snow weight.

 All we require are your requirements for length, width, side height, door height, door width, delivery address as well as information about the use to which the tent is to be put. Then we will find the right tent for you.

Feel free to call +45 70300199, if you are looking for specific details regarding a product offered. We recommend that you order your tent well before you need it as delivery time is 5-6 working weeks.

Please contact our sales department for further information

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