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Folding curtains

To protect animals against bad weather and the wind.

If you wish to save construction costs and to have flexible ventilation for your barn, a folding curtain may be the answer.

Folding curtains are extremely competitive compared with other solutions as the curtain is placed on the base or ground a tube becomes unnecessary.

The canvas is extremely hard-wearing and can be produced in flame-retardant canvas in accordance with DIN 4102 B1, M2.

PRESENCO can offer a large degree of flexibility with regard to colours. The canvas is also anti-static and UV resistant.

The curtain is installed with a motor, wires, storm pipes, mounting blocks, screw, horizontal top pipes, a transverse storm earth cable and switch.

In addition we can offer:

  • Covers for the top and sides
  • A weather station with sun and rain sensors

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