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Airtrack Pro

The ultimate tool for tumbling.

Airtrack Pro was introduced in 2006 and has since been bought by over 100 gymnastics clubs.

The internal construction provides hardness in the sides and thus optimum utilization of the jumping surface. The weight is around 2,3 kg per square meter, so you get a highly mobile tumbling track.

An Airtrack Pro can be supplied in any length and width and in height of, 33 cm:

The Airtrack Pro can be used with a small filling hand blower, which is much cheaper than a pressure blower is. If you want automatic control of the air pressure, a pressure blower can always be bought afterwards.

A 15 meter Airtrack Pro with the measures 33 cm in height, 2,7 meter in width can be pumped in 7,5 minutes and emptied again in 9,5 minutes with one small filling blower. It is possible to attach one more blower if you need to reduce the pumping time.

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Several optional extras are available:

  • Zipclosures
  • Self-closing valve
  • Blind plugs
  • noise-free pressure blower with a digital display
  • velcro for connecting jump mats or crossfields
  • logo printing
  • carrying bag
  • transport trolley

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