Tents for all uses and all occasions

Below is the list of different tents we manufacture. These are grouped in the menu according to construction and choice of material. You should be able to find a tent that meets your requirements. Please feel free to contact us for advice and guidance to make sure no details are missed. We are always here to help you.

  • Work tents in PVC
  • Storage tents in PVC
  • Party tents in PVC and Acrylic
  • Carting tents in PVC
  • Market tents in PVC
  • Exhibition tents in PVC
  • Sales stalls in PVC with one-sided sloping roof
  • Stage tents in PVC
  • Patrol tents in cotton and polyester
  • Kitchen tents in cotton and polyester
  • Mast sails in cotton and polyester
  • Staff tents in cotton and polyester
  • Divided tents in cotton and polyester
  • Teepees in cotton and polyester

We look forward to receiving your enquiry. Please allow extra time for your tent order  before you need it, as the estimate delivery time is around 5-6 working weeks.