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Lamella protection curtains

For protection, darkening and insulation.

 Lamella protection curtains from PRESENCO are an excellent and highly flexible alternative to quick doors or other expensive solutions. Lamella protection curtains can be supplied in clear, darkening or weld-protected quality.

 Here are many obvious benefits with lamella protection curtains. You avoid draughts, as well as significantly reduce noise and dust when used correctly. Heat loss through for example door openings can be significantly reduced by using lamella protection curtains.

 You can order lamella protection curtains in complete rolls or in cut lengths. We recommend a 50% overlap and will be pleased to help in calculating and cutting the exact number of metres with the correct height.

 The individual lamellas can be mounted on a sliding rail with drape rollers, so that they can rapidly be removed if they are not required. In cases where they are to be hung permanently we recommend that the lamellas are mounted between flat and angle profiles, that are fastened to the wall or ceiling.

 Lamella protection curtains from PRESENCO are supplied in different qualities. It depends on how it is used such as in normal working temperature; for refrigeration/freezer rooms; contact with food or anti-static environment.

We recommend a minimum thickness of 2 mm to avoid the lamellas from curling and to prevent the canvas from breaking when driving a fork-lift truck through the door opening.

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