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Therapy cushions

For kindergartens, rehabilitation, those suffering from autism or spasticity, or just for playing.

A therapy cushion is meant for 1 to 2 persons. A therapy cushion from PRESENCO is most suitable for a wide range of therapeutic uses for individuals with a severe handicap, autism, spasticity etc.

The secondary movement achieved from the therapy has a particularly stimulating effect on the patient and automatically leads to independent movement.

Therapy cushions are supplied in many different sizes depending on the individual institution’s requirements. They are equipped with air valves, so the pressure of the cushion can be regulated. If you have a room of a particular size, the cushion can be adapted to fill the entire room. Walls can be covered with foam mats or air-filled walls.

Therapy cushions are produced in a practically airtight version of a solid and hygienic plastic-covered polyester weave and thus do not require constant refilling. A small hand blower connected to a 230V supply will fill the therapy cushion in a few minutes. Therapy cushions should be filled once a day to ensure the correct hardness is maintained.

A therapy cushion from PRESENCO is produces using the same principle as our Airtrack Plus and has a very long life, if it is cleaned and serviced as required. This is due to the extremely high quality and strength of the material used and the technical design of therapy cushion.

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