Hoist walls


For flexible division of production and storage halls

 A hoist wall provides a fantastically flexible room division and screening, as it can be rolled up and down as required. In addition, a hoist wall provides insulation and noise reduction regardless of the type you choose.

 Hoist walls can be adapted to the workplace, so that your specific requirements are fulfilled. They are hung from the ceiling and can be supplied in lengths of up to 36 metres and 15 metres in height. By positioning two hoist walls joined to one another a hall with a length of up to 72 metres can thus be divided into several areas in a quick and flexible manner. For example, such drapes are often used to create flexible cabins and in dividing production areas and sports halls.

We can supply the following types of hoist walls:

  •  Hoist wall with central rolling. This type of hoist wall can be rolled up and down rapidly.
  •  Hoist wall with top-mounted rolling. This type of hoist wall is typically used to insulate a storage hall or noise reduction in connection with workshops, where the type of canvas used is made of noise-reducing material.

Both types of canvas are produced in flame-retardant canvas in accordance with DIN 4102 B1, M2. The insulating and noise-reducing canvas has the following properties:

 Frequency 125 Hz 250 Hz 500 Hz 1 kHz 2 kHz 4 kHz
Properties 10 dB 11 dB 15 dB 18 dB 19 dB 24 dB

The above solutions are supplied ready-mounted to the electrician and can be supplied in accordance with AB92.

The solution is protected by the Patent Authority under BR 2004 00341 and is produced in accordance with the ATEX Directive.

 We offer and recommend 12-month service visits from Presenco to ensure correct use and maintenance. In our experience, a hoist wall is an economically beneficial solution if the area to be protected is larger than 15 m2. Alternatively, we can also supply top-mounted curtains or sliding curtains.

Please contact our sales department for further information

(+45) 70 300 199 info@presenco.dk


Please contact our sales department for further information

(+45) 70 300 199   info@presenco.dk