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Special solutions

Presenco focus on advanced customized products. Our customers come from different industries, but they have one thing in common. It is that they are seeking a unique and innovative solution. With more than 90 years of experience in the industry  Presenco can help to realize their idea.

For example: The scientists use Presenco’s balloons to build underground tunnels in the Antarctica and Arctic

In 2012, the scientist of Niels Bohr Institute have found a unique method to build underground tunnels in the Arctic. The overall idea is to use only snow as construction material with the help from Presenco’s ice balloon. This method opens new opportunity to construct future drilling trench, science and inclined trenches without the use of wood as roofing.

There are some benefits by using balloons. Firstly, they are significantly lighter than building materials, which would otherwise be used to support the roofs of the trench. Their cylindrical structure also makes an arch, making the tunnel stronger than rectangular designs. Secondly, the balloons can be used again to make more tunnels. Instead of leaving behind the skeleton of a research facility, the balloons can be easily brought back and the snow tunnels can be abandoned without leaving behind any foreign material. Researchers claim the tunnels are surprisingly strong and can easily support the weight of snow on top. In fact, as the snow accumulates, the structure becomes more compact causing it to morph into an ice block, counter intuitively strengthening the tunnel.

Since then, we have delivered balloons in different sizes to Italian and German researchers, who use these inflated balloons to construct the corridors of the research facilities in the Antarctica.

See how we inflate the ice balloon:


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